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What We Were Trying to Do All Along | A Collision of Soul in Mid-Air | The Year of the Rabbit - Mike Bagwell
Forgiven Grief | Such Freedom - Loria Harris
Pop-up | Words Worth - Kathryn Lassester
Apology as Salvo - Ace Boggess
Skylight Insights Into Elegant August Souls - Gerard Sarnat
Ink-Stained - Chris Mardiroussian
With The Impossible - John Grey
As Russian Forces Pummel Ukraine, My Russian Friend Messages Me - John Jeffire
Awaiting Autumn | Peonies - John Muro
Synthesia - Ross Moser
Sepulchre: or, The Modern Daphne - Rose Brennan
David Bowie Is | Iris - LeAnn Olivier
Untitled Jealousy - Anita Farsad
ANTYESTI - Pujita Verma
philosophies with all outerwear removed 
| bar joke with burning building - Liam Strong
get it? - Michael Waterson
Season's Drama - Allan Ebert
To See The Stream - Fatihah Quadri

colors - Terry Miller
For C, Before A Party - Iris Cai
share of the cake - Ari Anne Flit
Sailor's Synthesia in C Minor - Richard Su
Dessert for Every Season | Discordant Stars - Stuti Sinha
Grace - Maria Berardi
Song of Ecdysis - Jonathan Everitt



The Alley Hunter - JD Clapp
Rattle and Hum - Amber Budd
Martha and Geor
geM. L. Owen
The Potete Family And Driver - Michael Gigandet
Out of His League - Gerald Coleman
Ina - Alexander S.W.
Have a Nice Trip - Shayna Brown
English Leather - Kevin Broccoli
Fabulous Fifty Forever - Sylvia Mulholland
I've Got A Secret - Bill Tope
Swing a Sparrow on a String - Ken Goldman
Crack Ho - Matthew O'Brien
I'm Married - Jerry Jerman
I Have Carried Roses - Steph Prizhitomsky
The Saviour - Mark Godfrey
Romanticizing the Butcher - Chere Taylor
Body Parts - Jo-Anne Rosen
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