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Winged Penny Review is Now Accepting Submissions!


General Submissions:


Our submissions are open year-round and are considered on a rolling basis. Send us your best work: your proudest pieces, your late-night musings, your boldest exclamations, your hidden thoughts. We look for pieces that beautifully mingle passion and voice; those that leave an ache long after we read them; your most authentic creations; the depths of your imagination; a spontaneous experiment; words that dance — or none of those, just the pieces that carry themselves so brightly we can't help but stare.

  1. Poetry: send us 3-6 poems at a time. No line requirements. We are open to all forms of poetry, including prose poetry and experimental poetry. One poem per page, please.

  2. Short stories: send us up to 2 short stories, each not exceeding 3000 words. Send stories in separate documents.

  3. Simultaneous submissions are absolutely allowed, but please let us know if your work is selected elsewhere (we'd like to congratulate you!)

  4. Previously published pieces are accepted; please follow the guidelines of the original publication and provide us with details.

  5. Please send us your work in the following formats only: .pdf, .doc, .docx. Do not include any identifying information in the document.

  6. No racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, or otherwise discriminatory work. These will be instantly rejected.

  7. Send your submission with the subject "Submission." Include a cover letter and a short biography. Include content warnings in your cover letter as you see fit.

  8. Please only send up to three submissions at a time. We kindly ask you to wait for our response before sending more.

Our reading time is between 3-6 weeks. If we have not responded to your submission in 90 days, please send us a query on the status of your work. We nominate for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net.

Send us your work at We can't wait to read it!

Expedited Response and/or Detailed Feedback

We offer a 3-day response and/or detailed feedback on submissions with a small monetary fee. If you wish for an expedited response or detailed feedback on your submission, please make a payment through our fundraiser

$5 or more: 3-day response OR detailed feedback on your work (regular response time).

$12 or more: 3-day response AND detailed feedback on your work.

Please include "EXPEDITED," "FEEDBACK," or "EXPEDITED + FEEDBACK" in the subject line of your submission!

Example: "Submission - EXPEDITED"

As our magazine strives to support young writers, we will provide free feedback upon request on one submitted piece to writers 25 or under. If you would like feedback, please specify in your email which piece the editors should provide feedback on.

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