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Terry Miller


if pain were a painting
what would its colors be
you might assume black
to imitate darkness—or shocking
white like that of a lightning bolt

each artist’s palette is smeared
with his makings and mixtures
leaf-brown for fallen hair—chrome-green
for stagnation—coaxial-blue
for dead nerves—dull-red
to trace the lips of deformity

forgive me for my focus
how rude of me
here is a blank canvas

and tubes of earthen oils
tell me where it hurts
Terry Jude Miller is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet from Houston. He received the 2018
Catherine Case Lubbe Manuscript Prize for his book, The Drawn Cat’s Dream. His work has
been published in the Southern Poetry Anthology, The Lily Poetry Review, The Comstock
Review, and The Oakland Review and in scores of other publications. He serves as 1st Vice
Chancellor for the National Federation of State Poetry Societies.
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