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Richard Su

Sailor's Synthesia in C Minor

Your sole sets in 5-inch frost
so you abandon your scurvy-laced corpse
corroding your rust-like organs, cruelly exposed;
               the pelagic cold teeths at veins, unwinds body

The light in your eyes evaporates
the tide’s mucous aquamarine;
               with your father’s chisel, engraves a blue ambience as blood clot

as the lifeless glass of dull marbles
inhabiting the century-old antique shop;
               the ones your father treats you to
                              after you collocate moles into the earth;
                                             bless soil with stimulated roots.

the Sirens chant your village flora;
               a counterfeit love-letter
                              that you desperately accept.

               you let Baltic soul carriage you to Eastbourne country
where the moon’s incandescent half crescent strikes its last analog
               tucked into a familiar buckwheat warmth

               the crashing waves represent a farmer’s year without drought, plentiful harvest.
                              but it’s your soil that will never be seen again.
Richard Su is a Chinese-Canadian poet. He has been featured in WORK-IN-PROGRESS, WINTERMUTE LIT, and recognized by the Poetry Society of UK.
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