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Stuti Sinha

Discordant Stars

We are snuffed out;
incandescence lost
in the solemn graveyard of the night.
We map the skies
with discordant efforts,


Our stars fail
to arrange themselves into transcendent constellations.
               We are astral imperfections, swallowed by starving solar fires.

Barricaded in unease,
we are mangled moons 
ascending on a sacrificial altar.

Molten splinters 
fleck the air in celebration
-our sacred garland a noose-
As its knot pulls us in union,
the sounds of buckled bones rise 
above the echo of ceremonial chanting.    
               (cr-ack                cra-ck                -c-r-a-c-k)

Vermilion clouds fill the air
as silken silent streams
smother our blaze.
We are snuffed out;
               incandescence lost 
               in the graveyard of the solemn night.
Previously published by Sonder Magazine 2022.

Stuti is an Indian writer & musician, who lives in Dubai.  She writes primarily about the human experience and emotions.  Being passionate about travel, she loves to weave different cultures and her heritage into her writing.
In 2023 she was acclaimed in the San Antonio Writers Guild Poetry Competition & Erbacce Poetry Competition and selected as a finalist in the DiBiase Poetry Contest.  In 2022, she won the International Westmoreland Award for short fiction & The International Allingham Festival Prize for Poetry.  She also received an honourable mention in the International Globe Soup Short Memoir Contest 2022, and been long-listed for the International Erbacce & International Gloucestershire Poetry Contests of 2022.  She previously has an honourable mention in the 2021 Annual Haiku Competition by The Society of Classical Poets and has been published by them, by Sky Island Journal, Celestite Poetry, Moss Puppy Magazine, Slice of Life Lit Mag, Duck Duck Mongoose Mag, and Sonder Magazine amongst others.  She has also been published by Ink Gladiators Press, Querencia Press, Quillkeepers Press and has had her work included in the First Line Poets Anthology (2022), Poetic Reveries Anthology (2023) and the Willowdown Books Anthology (2023).
Stuti is an animal lover and has a feline fur baby whose name is Yuki.
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