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Allan Ebert

Season's Drama

Where Arctic winds in February
drink from silver springs.
Where a mighty bluster shape
-shifts the cold surface of fast
waters. Where dragon
-shaped clouds start pink fires
on the setting sun. Where jilted leaves
escape death on
sloping banks of time, I crave
delicate snowflakes lingering
on Ariel’s summer
-sweet smile, and so enthused
by spring’s portending, I seal
our fate with a kiss before
April’s first red
-breasted robin returns and
struts upon the freshest grass.
Allan Ebert is a "boomer" (71 years old) and a "survivor" of cancer (colon & liver). He first published a poem, Recipe for Harmony in 1978. Since then he's had several “non-poet” careers, mostly practicing law and business development. He has written in numerous different genres including news & magazine nonfiction articles, short fiction, flash, legal articles, legal motions & briefs, and poetry.
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