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Loria Harris

Forgiven Grief

You tasted of blue—water, not ice.
Smooth and sensual, slipping through
the solitude, caressing the silence.
Blue that envelopes, invites me
to melt like liquid into its ether.

Blue that shines like sunlight in the
evening when the room is dimly dark,
not to awaken but to lull, not to ripen
but to relieve—relieve your achy angst,
forgive you for not getting up.
Loria Harris is a graduate student in the MFA in Creative Writing program at Lindenwood University. Her work has been published in Mid Rivers Review, Kings River Review, The Freak, and others, and has received the Jim Haba Poetry Award and the Alyson Dickerman Poetry Prize. A lifelong creative, she holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance, Certificates in Creative Writing and Literary Editing and Publishing, and she works as a professional portrait photographer.
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