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Halim Madi

Prelude to Excitement

I / pump / crack / open / pause the iron hide / crushed fire of muscle / hostage to the weight I
chose to lift my pride / now thawing in the cabinet I locked / while bones rattle a crescendo to
wedge in salvation / and all I grow are chipped nails / Iron lord bless the cypress crucifix chafing the karmic stretch marks wreathing my chest / as they pull / my second life out of thin air / their knuckles shrouding fate with callouses / bruised eyes dressed in violent beauty / a jaw built like a church I study / I’m looking for their mother’s whimsy as their anger / gentle, electric / unwars my senses / untangles me whole / pats my shoulder as I / joy covering my face / offer a smile as dowry / I / ask for your name though I know it’s Cassandra / Mason, like the jars / for your home though I know it is here / Chandler, Arizona / I want you to know my dentition isn’t perfect / look closer and you’ll see a gap / but I say nothing / knowing speech would silence our language / stop us from breeding gods / becoming a planet ribbed / with volcanoes that give up / and into each other
Halim Madi, a queer Lebanese poet and technologist, merges language with technology. Published in "Quiet Lightning," "The Racket," and "Lunate," he authored "Flight of the Jaguar" and "In the Name of Scandal." His work, exploring queerness, hallucinogenic plants, and immigration, is showcased at and @yallah_halim. He resides in San Francisco.
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