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Brandi Everett


did.   your childhood pierce
you through as mine did me?
a sort of raw awareness.   even at play?
closeness with mayflower & hosta.
crabapple & iris bloom.
was that you?
did.   you relish touches
of morning dew too? did it hurt?
The Knowing.
the standing.   in moments.
& seeing them clearly...
time. a suspension of grief.
melancholic beauty...did you hear it?
sunlight& singing bowls?
impartation of divinity
measures.   arpeggio.
increments of early breeze
could you.   taste it in stolen raspberry?
tiny bursts of sweet corn?
did you know...this.       is an ending?
every mouthful. every mourning dove.
every long afternoon
catching crawdads at the creek
did you stand.    outside of yourself
see.     what you had yet
to gain the capacity to express?
burgeoning. un-sculpted.     clay.
& when you could. Say it.
when you knew the words
& your lips could form those phrases...
did you find yourself chasing after magpies
instead of fireflies?
choosing.     illusion over light?
did it pierce you through as shadows poured
in bedroom windows...
formed leaf through moonlight?
did you ever stand there again?
the base of the ancient pine
-recall the promise you made to your soul.
to remember. To Remember.
or did you turn over holding your pillow
as     lover
& will yourself to forget
how much truth hurts
                             when it breaks skin?
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