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Allan Ebert

Without The Moon, The Stars

are orphans, darling, expecting
to be adopted by constellations
lighting a billion Fourth
of July stories in the
blink of a lizard’s eye.
Young stars shine,

if you recall, the brightest.
We see them pressed like
boiling lard against an indigo sky.
Embers from our campfire
circle in our fullness of age
burning melancholic verse about time

lost enjoying too much bourbon.
We sit with orange faces longing for
maturity and comfortable seating.
A fire smolders in our bloodlines.
Staring down freckles on weathered hands.
We are all bemoaning, darling,
that’s the irony of burning bridges.
Allan Ebert is a boomer,  cancer survivor, working guy, eternal student, and happy father. He was published in numerous online and print journals in 2023, including The Bluebird Word, Bourgeon, Winged Penny Review, Down In The Dirt, and Ariel Chart, and five poems in the Academy of the Heart (March 2024). His poem "A Pretty Room For My Books" was published in Mid-Atlantic Review’s inaugural issue in November 2023 and nominated for a 2023 Pushcart Prize.
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